We compound this for you
In advanced efficient compounding plants for liquid and powder production


Liquid production

  • 4 batch tanks of 2,000 l net capacity each
  • 1 batch tank of 300 l net capacity
  • 1 batch tank of 50 l net capacity (industrial-scale batches possible)
  • Manufacture of aqueous to highly viscous products
  • All plants can be cooled or heated.
  • Each batch plant is equipped with a homogenizer.
  • Wax melting tank

Powder production

  • 1 batch plant of 1,600 l nominal capacity– corresponds to approx. 800 kg net capacity
  • 1 batch plant of 300 l nominal capacity – corresponds to approx. 150 kg net capacity
  • 1 batch plant of 100 l nominal capacity – corresponds to approx. 50 kg net capacity
  • Plants are equipped with plough shares or Becker blades and with cutters
  • All plants allow liquids to be inserted via spray heads.

Filling equipment & packaging solutions

Liquid filling:

  • From 5 ml to 1,000 ml, canister goods up to 10,000 ml
  • Filling in shaped or round bottles, cans, jars
  • Filling of plastic ampoules from 5 ml to 30 ml

Abfüllung Liquid

Powder filling:

  • From 5 g to 1,500 g, max. 4 filling stations
  • Filling in can or bags

Abfüllung Pulver


  • Screw or snap-on caps
  • Lotion pumps, sprayers
  • Crimping, folding

Labelling with self-adhesive labels:

  • All-round, mirror and promotion lettering
  • Up to 3 labels in one operation

Packaging and preparing for dispatch:

  • Packaging in boxes or trays
  • Tight wrapping of single or multiple packages
  • Cellophaning
  • Sleeving (small number of items as well)
  • Packing of folding box and kit packages
  • Packing of assortments on trays